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Why Nudge?

Nudges can be very effective, but only if well-designed

Generic Rx

Patient & Provider Targeting
Set EHR Default Options

Statin Rx

Active Choice Framing
Peer Comparison Feedback

Flu Vaccination

Patient & Provider Targeting
Active Choice EHR Prompts

Cancer Screening

Patient & Provider Targeting
Active Choice EHR Prompts

Opioid Rx

Set EHR Default Options

Cardiac Rehab Referral

Implement Opt-Out Pathway
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Leverage Successes

Let’s work together to move forward faster

Demonstrate Quick Successes How do you know what problems to target first and which nudges are more likely to work? Hit the ground running by leveraging evidence generated by your peers. Reduce your upfront cost and increase your chances of success

Behavioral Economic Guidance Don’t have experts in behavioral economics at your institution? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Learn from leaders in the field

Translating Guidelines to Implementation Guidelines are a consensus of evidence and expert opinion, but implementing nudges in health care means these recommendations need to be translated to EHR codes and language. Save time by using the code implemented by your peers and make it better by contributing your work

Automated Statistical Analysis Analyzing clinical data can be complicated and tedious. What if you could upload your data and at the push of a button analyze clinical outcomes and isolate outlier practices or clinicians?

The Collaborative

Shared continuous improvement

Join A Community

Membership fees will be invested in the platform for mutual benefit

Ask The Experts

Hit a roadblock? Ask an expert who has been through this before

Stimulate New Research

We’ll learn more working together. De-identified data will be available for research

Ready to Implement

Not sure where to start? Get codes and guidance on nudges demonstrated to work


How do you compare to peer institutions? Share your data and see how you can improve

Automated Analysis

No statistician or programmer necessary. Run analyses at the push of a button

Platform Features

Codifying Shared Knowledge

Library A growing database of successful and unsuccessful nudges of all types. For each, get access to all associated evidence based changes made - EHR changes, data extracts, code consolidation, analysis and more.

Guides & Code Step-by-step guidance on how to implement a nudge from start to finish. Templated pitch decks to get buy-in from a range of audiences including executive leadership and clinicians at the frontlines of care

Data For Research De-identified data is available for all members to conduct research to help grow insights generated by the community

Benchmarking Members are required to submit benchmarking data. The Collaborative can do anonymization and more for you or you can do it yourself

Contributions Welcome Each organization has its own EHR. We welcome, encourage and will actively support any contributions. All code contributions are shared with the community

The Team

We've launched and grown institutes, units, centers and software companies

David Asch, MD, MBA

Executive Director, Center for Health Care Innovation

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Mohan Balachandran, MA, MS

Corporate Director, PennMed

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Mitesh Patel, MD, MBA, MS

Director, Nudge Unit

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Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD

Founding Director, CHIBE. Co-Director, CHCI

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